Today is All Saints Eve. It is also Reformation Day. This made me wonder about sin and the ages old debate about the consequences and depths of human sin. Luther said that sin bound us to spiritual death thus we were in bondage from birth. This was, of course, the same thing St. Augustine had taught. Besides the obvious evidence that the fall of man brought with it death, including death in the physical realm, one wonders at times if animals might experience some human like qualities when it comes to sin and the fall.

Dog w Sign For example, do our pets have a tendency to rebel that is inborn? When a child sees a “Do Not Enter” sign the first thing they want to do is to enter that door, right? What about dogs? When they see a “No Dogs Allowed” sign do they react similarly?

The answer might not be conclusive scientifically but this photo made me laugh out loud. It is a picture that is truly worth a thousand words. Enjoy.

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