Shameless: A Priest Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Faithfully

John ArmstrongACT 3, American Evangelicalism, Homiletics/Preaching, Missional-Ecumenism, Roman Catholicism8 Comments

Several years ago Father John Riccardo, a priest from Plymouth, Michigan, preached a sermon in the pulpit of the Kensington Community Church (MI), titled: “Shameless.” A better sermon on the gospel could not be found, at least in my judgment. For those conservative Protestants who insist that a Catholic priest cannot, or does not, preach the gospel here is a living, breathing example that you are wrong. Fr. Riccardo says that we should know Jesus, not just know about Jesus. Knowing Jesus is much more than knowing facts, truths or propositions. It is not about saying the words of the creed or  about going forward at the end of an appeal. It is not even about saying the words of the sinner’s prayer. It is about knowing Him. This is about 35 minutes long but in your leisure be sure to watch it




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