Rowan Williams on Wall Street

John ArmstrongEconomy/Economics

Rowan-williams The archbishop of Canterbury is an extremely likable Christian gentleman, a first-class Christian scholar. He is also a leader who often fails to address some of the more difficult issues in our time with a straight, clear answer. There can be no question that the man is brilliant. My question is how he uses this brilliance in his service of the kingdom of God. Like so many modern leaders Rowan Williams seems intent on being nice while avoiding those kinds of issues that desperately need a courageous and wise Christian response. This has been seen time and again in his response to issues like homosexuality and the challenge of Islam to the West.

Rowan Williams recently visited New York City and addressed the subject of economics on Wall Street. My friend John Couretas, at the Acton Institute, has reflected on Rowan Williams’ comments with measured and helpful criticism. What he says about Williams could very easily be applied to a great deal of what is being written by well-meaning Christians about modern economics and the role of the free market in lifting people out of poverty all across the world. Before people talk about the “evils” of the free market they should know a little more about how the market actually works and how it really can and does profoundly change people and societies for the better.