As many of you already know I have a lifelong passion for baseball. This postseason is actually quite sad for me since it is without my two favorite teams—the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago White Sox. It does seem odd that they both missed the playoffs this year. I am rooting for the Tigers at this point, like so many who can’t take the Yankees. (I am also rooting for whoever can beat the Mets.) Perhaps only the Cubs would bring out more negatives for me but then what to worry since the Cubs haven’t won a Series in 98 years now, something Sox fans have regularly reminded Cubs fans about since last season’s World Series championship.

My sports interest have turned to college football of late. My Crimson Tide are rebuilding this season, after three years of probation and a surprisingly good season in 2005. (They finished No. 8 nationally last year!) Tomorrow I get to see the Tide play Duke in Tuscaloosa, only my third time back to campus since I was a student there in the 1960s. It should be fun day to see the newly revamped Bryant-Denny Stadium, now seating 92,000 plus. A sea of crimson should add true sports color to a beautiful fall Alabama day. What a great way to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation!

For all who care to know there is only one adequate expression for a day like tomorrow: "Roll Tide, Roll." It should be fun and it should be another W for Bama, a heavy favorite against an outmanned Duke team. Either way I will thoroughly enjoy the sights and sounds of my college days once again. It doesn’t get better than Bryant-Denny Stadium for a Bama fan.

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