Robert Spencer Debates Peter Kreeft on Islam

John ArmstrongUncategorized

Because there is such interest in the public dialogue that we are engaged in regarding Islam and Christianity I was particularly interested in the recent dialogue between two Roman Catholics, Robert Spencer and Dr. Peter Kreeft. Spencer is a leading critic of Islam and a well-known author. Kreeft is awell-known philosopher and author.

This debate took place in New Hampshire at a very small Catholic liberal arts college. It is wonderful to see two men come at the same issue with different perspectives yet with Christian charity and dignity. Spencer is an actual target of radical Muslims. Even at this event he refers to the fact that he had a body guard. Kreeft is known for reason and faith. This debate lasts almost two hours. I rarely, if ever, watch such a clip on the Internet because it consumes too much time. I watched this video in its entirety over two days time. If this subject really interests you try some of it and see if you want to watch more. I found this immensely helpful.