Religion & Liberty: A Magazine Your Should Read

John ArmstrongActon Institute, Poverty

21-4I admit my own bias but one of my favorite magazines is Religion & Liberty, published by the Acton Institute. You can get a print subscription but you can also read issues online. The most recent issue features a great interview on "Rethinking Mission to the Poor." This is vintage Acton thinking expressed by the kind of people who have made a real difference working with the poor. Check out the current issue at Acton's magazine site.

While you're there check out the November-December issue for 2010. You might recognize the guy on the cover. I hope you will enjoy the interview they did with me. I was very pleased with the finished product and how they told my story through this interview. 

I am very pleased to serve Acton as a partner by being a Senior Advisor. In this role I represent Acton to evangelical leaders and seminary professors. I am pleased to say that the job is delightful and the work is a lot of fun for me. It fits with my missional-ecumenism vision wonderfully. This is why my most recent book, The Unity Factor, is also published by Acton. You can get it for a very good price in the Acton bookshop online.  

Acton's web site is well worth your time. Check out all the resources and the wealth of great material on freedom and economics.