I have always believed that the governance of Christian ministry, humanly speaking, was really about relationships and how people envision God’s mission through them as they learn to live and work together. Bonhoeffer’s classic Life Together has been the most important shaper of my thought beyond the Pauline letters. Ministry boards function best when there are truly good relationships among those who serve the particular ministry and govern it as a board of directors.

This is the case with the board of ACT 3, my own ministry. We have eight men and women on our board who love Christ and one another. We are presently meeting in Elburn, Illinois, spending two days and nights in fellowship as we plan and direct the work we share together. I could not imagine doing the work I do without these friends. If you think of it today pray for us by name: Wilbur Ellsworth, Mateen Elass, Richard Johnson, Susan Taylor, Kirsten Tjernlund, Don Broesamle, Kurt Klippert and Shawn Moran. We come from the Midwest and from both coasts. We are earnestly seeking God during these days, praying that he will make clear how this work should go in the days ahead. We earnestly solicit your support for us.

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  1. Ken June 15, 2006 at 12:37 pm

    Your words are timely. Just last week I sat down with a church “member” (actually hasn’t been here for over a year) who fell into alcoholism and only now is starting to kick the addiction…via involvement in AA.
    I also used to be quick to look for the errors of AA. Based on my more recent experience, and your comments, I think it’s not too dissimilar from the “Unknown God” of Paul’s day.
    As a matter for discussion, the difficulty with this church “member” is that he shows tremendous commitment to AA meetings but cannot muster anywhere near the same energy for Christ’s church. Is this because the church fails to be sufficiently loving and directive? Or is this just another symptom of human sin and a low view of God, worship, and Christian fellowship?

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