If history is to have real meaning it must have purpose. It must be going somewhere. If no specific end is in view then all things loose their meaning and life becomes pointless. Humans have known this from time immemorial. And Christians, of all people, need to remind the modern world of this regularly. If all we do is live and die then the work of our hands has no long term importance and all is vain.

The famous Henry Ford once concluded that "History is one damned thing after another." He’s right, if Christ did not rise. Resurrection gives meaning to all things. If the grave is the end then history doesn’t matter. My story is bunk and so is your’s.

The Greeks called this telos, or purpose, the end for which something was made or existed. The Christian faith sees Christ as the true telos, the goal and end of all history. If we would live well, we must stay focused on Christ as the telos of all things. Only then will history not become "one damned thing after another."

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  1. Gene Redlin November 14, 2005 at 8:35 am

    Really Good Stuff.
    I plan to steal this.
    There is a frontal attack on all things Christian to take away the truth of the Gospel.
    It started with the attack on Intelligent Design. Of course once that camel gets it’s nose in the tent……….
    Just yesterday on NPR’s Sunday Morning Weekend Edition they had an interview with a man regarding “Creation Myths” and in his list of myths were: The ressurection, ascension, virgin birth, and miracles.
    I’m glad you are taking a stand for the simplicity and truth of the Gospel.
    Again, well done.

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