I have mentioned in the past few months that I am deeply supportive of what is called the John 17 Movement. This movement held a wonderful Pentecost event in  Phoenix, Arizona, last Saturday, May 23. The event was at the Phoenix Convention Center. I could not attend but spoke by video to this gathering. The same friends who invited me to address this magnificent crowd also invited Pope Francis to speak. Here is his address given from his office at the Vatican. Watch it and then pray for the unity of the church of Jesus Christ globally. His words about the role of theologians are so moving and faithful. Pray for Pope Francis and then pray for the unity of the church.

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  1. Joanna May 29, 2015 at 7:29 pm - Reply

    Do people really think Christianity as intended (if intended), should be so difficult? That it should need herds of people to decipher what is ‘really’ meant within the words of the bible? Do people think that if it (the message) is so important that Jesus/God would have encoded it and enshrouded everything in so much mystery that people throughout the hundreds of years to follow should bicker and disagree and war over it? That one person should call themselves a Christian but deny another the right because they think differently to themselves? Well, all commenters and theologians dissecting the text might think that but the fact that such activity exists, to me denigrates the whole Christian ethos and message. Why the rubik cube type puzzle, with its thickly convoluted double speak message, desperately trying to make words fit? It is what it is. Not what other people say it is.

    I think Jesus would be disappointed and think about those money lenders in the temple and wonder why his words that he meant to be so simple, have become so complicated in the mouths of others and impossible for anyone to understand. I think he is probably weeping. I don’t think he meant for people to endlessly discuss what it all meant but rather for people to act on what he said. If it isn’t clear enough, that it doesn’t speak, then that is a failed message and we should move on to what is clear. In his earthly body, Jesus was only human after all. In any event, he doesn’t need anyone to speak for him, or me, or you or anyone…… there is no unity in the church because people are still discussing what the church is and who is welcome in it.

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