Polling: What Next?

John ArmstrongPolitics

I was enjoying my breakfast and then came across this story. "Public cool to Michelle, doesn’t know Cindy." What next? A poll on their children?

While 30% have a favorable view of Michelle Obama only 27% have a favorable view of Cindy McCain. But Obama gets a 35% unfavorable response and McCain only a 17% unfavorable rating. Those are very high numbers for Michelle Obama. I have to believe her comments about being "proud of her country" for the first time did not help her at all. The poll also indicates, sadly to me at least, that race clearly plays some part in this perception. After all, she is a highly education, very successful, black woman! Sadly, many will despise her for this if for no other reason.

But I have to ask, "So what?" This is what disgusts me about our present political polling and our intense fascination with personalities and images. Is this the "Oprahfication" of politics or what? What happens when this kind of data seems to really matter? I am more nervous about this type of interest than I can tell you. It shows how little attention we actually pay to real issues in an election.

But as an important aside I have to tell you the same is true inside most churches. The view that people have of the pastor’s spouse is very important. If the spouse is seen "unfavorably" then the minister, especially in evangelical churches, is in trouble. If you do not believe me you have simply not been a minister or really known one well enough to see firsthand that this is true. Pray for your minister and their spouse.