Dr. Norberto Saracco is the senior pastor of a very large church in Buenos Aires. He is also the president of a seminary with 8,000 students. Norberto has also been actively involved in the Lausanne Movement for many years. Norberto and I met through the Lausanne Catholic-Evangelical Conversation, which I have led for several years now. He has attended both of our gatherings in Mundelein, both in 2013 and 2014.

We recently put the video of this year’s public meeting of this gathering on our ACT3 page. It is over 100 minutes long and is worth watching. Besides Norberto you will see and hear Fr. Robert Barron, Fr. Thomas Baima and me. Dialogue from each of us, and the audience, follows.

When Norberto was in Mundelein in September ACT3 sat down with him for a personal interview. Today I share this interview for the first time. Since Norberto is a close, personal friend of Pope Francis, having worked with him in evangelism and prayer in Argentina for a decade, you will find his comments most interesting. You will also see why I am so thrilled with this man the world has come to know when he was selected to be Pope Francis on March 13, 2013.

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