My Summer Writing Work

John ArmstrongPersonal

Many of you know that I am presently writing a major book with the working title: Your Church is Too Small. The book seeks to address what I will call missional-ecumenism. It will tell the story of my own journey to this perspective as well as show why I think God is working around the world to bring Christians back to the prayer of Jesus in John 17:20-24. The book will be theological, but hopefully written in a simple form. (This does not mean it will be simplistic at all.)

I also wrote a series of articles on the Trinity that are coming out as ACT 3 Weekly articles this summer. I encourage you to sign up on the ACT 3 Web site. Header_home
These articles could become a primer on the Trinity in due time. Your feedback would be helpful as well.   

I hope to complete this work on missional-ecumenism by September. I am writing on it almost every day. I humbly ask friends to pray for me that I can remain strong enough to finish it. My health issues often conspire to slow me down but I keep at it step-by-step. Your intercession will be a means of God’s grace to me. And I will be thankful for it I assure you.