Each year I send a President’s Annual Report to donors and friends of ACT 3. This year I chose to make this report an audio presentation instead of a written one. This audio file was sent to donors last week on a CD. (If you would like a CD simply let me know by sending an email via the ACT 3 Web site.) I sincerely hope that many of you who take time to read these blogs will take the time now to listen to this very special report. You will understand much better the vision and unique mission of ACT 3 by hearing this candid presentation right from my heart.

The President’s Report can be accessed by this link to our Web site. You will get a dialog box when you go to this link asking you to launch an external application. It will harm nothing in your system to say "yes" and then the audio will launch within seconds.

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  1. Rich July 2, 2008 at 11:12 am

    John, just listened to the President’s Report. What a great summary and overview of Act 3! I particularly enjoyed your thoughts on John 17 and the church’s relationship with God as a significant aspect of divine mission. It is a great honor and joy to know of a ministry that is so well-rounded, thoughtful, ecumenical, and committed to a rigorous reflection on the Christian faith. I’ve always thought that it is the “simple” ministries thrive while more thoughtful ones suffer – because it takes more effort, time, and reflection to really interact and understand them. Here’s to hoping Act 3 will thrive! Also, I promise to commit to regularly prayer in regard to your current book project. Sounds like an interesting read!

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