I have commented twice previously on the present dangers in Kenya and how the instability there poses real threats to all of Africa in general. Imagesjpg_kenya
I have also expressed great concern for the Church in Kenya. My first concern, as a Christian, is always for the Church of Jesus Christ. In today’s email I heard once again from my pastor-friend James Waiya:

I write to you again to let you know that I forgot to inform you that my
sister and my brothers’ families are victims of the crashes (violence) and are
living in the displaced peoples’ centers without food, only having the clothes they
had worn and nothing else. They have only what they managed to run away with. Their
houses were burnt and have to start life new. Please pray for them also.

So, the real life toll in the lives of the people caught in these political tragedies grows as we see the news pushed to page eight, and a small report, in my newspaper. 022jpg_landscape_in_kenya
Americans really do focus on "their" issues and care far too little about the rest of the world. If these things were happening here (e.g., Katrina, 9/11, immigration issues, etc.) we would be deeply exercised about them. When believers from other countries visit in my home and see the way the U. S. reports the news, pushing most of the world to the back pages, they almost always comment to me about this tendency. I fear that they have profoundly noticed how narcissistic we really are. Christians should, in the very best sense, rise above this mono-vision of the world if they are committed to a missional/kingdom perspective. The gospel is for all people and all nations, not just us.

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  1. George C January 8, 2008 at 11:07 am

    How would you suggest we respond, John? Besides prayer and actually moving to Africa to make efforts to change the peoples’ thinking via the Gospel, I see nothing that will help them.
    It is totally appropeiate that domestic issues come first. Whether it is a family or a country it must be the case.
    As individuals there are many people in America who are living the good life without giving a thought to anyone else, but as a nation and government we need to get to where we can prevent and handle things like 911, Katrina, and Immigration before we even consider the affairs of the rest of the world.
    I also think that it is the blurring of the lines between the people and the government that causes so much of the confusion on issues like this.
    In general Africa has been suffering from the same problems for the same reasons for a very long time. Individuals may be able to help fix these problems from the inside out, but our government has no authority or ability to do so.
    I often find the concern to be the exact opposite attitude with many christians. It is easy to give to and care about the almost imaginary people out there and ignore the guy next to you on the train. It’s loving everyone in general and nobody in particular.
    I do give a little to some groups that work overseas, but honestly I would not be ashamed to be so swallowed up by serving the needs of those I am directly in contact with that I forgot about the rest of the world.

  2. David Gordon January 9, 2008 at 5:20 am

    Thanks for this post. I have a niece who with her new child and husband will head to Kenya soon, after graduating from Southern Seminary. Brave folk. I’m a coward. I wouldn’t go.

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