k7537 Yesterday, I mentioned the ongoing international renaissance in the study of Jonathan Edwards that has been going on for sixty years. This work has literally reached around the world as scholars and authors now study Edwards with increasing care and fresh insight, believing him to be: “America’s Greatest Theologian.” I mentioned two excellent popular treatments of Edwards yesterday, first the collection by McDermott and then the biography by Marsden. One of the very best academic treatments is by Michael J. McClymond, the scholar I also mentioned yesterday. His book, Encounters with God: An Approach to the Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford) is very expensive but an important contribution if you want to do more series research and gain a richer insight into Edwards.

One of the very best resources, available to scholars and interested people of all backgrounds, is the work of the Jonathan Edwards Society. The society has a 2010 conference to be held at historic Northampton (MA) on Oct. 1-2, 2010. The theme for this special event is: "Jonathan Edwards for the New Millennium.” Featured speakers will include my good friends Gerald McDermott and Michael McClymond. You would enjoy hearing them and meeting them. Rarely will you meet  two scholars who are more humble and approachable. You will be able to hear them, talk to them and enjoy them, not as “big” stars on a platform but as wonderful Christian men who love God and people.

McDermott-200x300 Gerry McDermott (photo at left) and Mike McClymond will be presenting a back-to-back discussion of their current work, a 46 chapter comprehensive study of Jonathan Edwards's theology soon to be published by Oxford University Press. Avihu Zakai will also be presenting a lecture on Jonathan Edwards's philosophy of nature which coincides with his latest book, Jonathan Edward’s Philosophy of History: The Reenchantment of the World in the Age of Enlightenment (Princeton University Press, 2009). The Jonathan Edwards Society event is one that I hope to attend if possible. It would be great to see some of you there. I rarely get to attend such events these days but this may well be an exception if I can arrange it. Check out this conference and considering attending if you are able.


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