My friend David Stopke continues to improve. He was flown by helicopter last Tuesday, May 12, from Las Vegas to Denver. His son, David, Jr., was also aboard the chopper. This decision to transport David indicates that he was strong enough to handle the move. The desire was to remove him from the use of the respirator and to allow him to breath again on his own. Denver has a facility that is better able to handle this issue and to work with his recovery. He arrived in good shape and a specialist is now treating him. On Saturday, May 16, he was put in a wheelchair for the first time. On Sunday, May 17, they began to take him off the ventilator, for five minutes on the first attempt. He did very well. Progress is incremental and obviously very slow. The prognosis is that he could be in Denver for three to four months before he can go home to Lake Havasu City (AZ).

Please pray for David, his wife Eva, and for their three sons and one daughter. Pray that this will draw each one of them into the grace and strength of Christ. Pray that David doesn't want to give up and that he can slowly accept what has happened and the future that he now faces, which is completely clear to him. He expresses the wish that he had gone home to be with Christ. We who know Christ can understand this desire. But God has clearly kept David alive and his work on earth is not done. Pray that he will be assured of this truth (which he plainly knows is true and would thus give to others in the same circumstance).

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  1. jason smith May 19, 2009 at 8:48 am

    If he is going to Denver, that means he is going to Craig Hospital. It is the best! My wife worked there for 8 years.

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