I mention, now and then, my family. This is a dad’s joy I guess. I spent a week in Orlando recently and shared the time with my daughter Stacy and her husband Jason. They light up my life. Jason is a master in the martial arts and one of the best teachers I have ever met. Stacy works with me and pushes me to "get it together." (Good luck girl!)
She is the person who also urged me to run/walk the 5K at Disney ten days ago. She is my PT! Below you can see us after the big race at the finish line outside of Epcot Center.


I have also written several things about my son’s new congregation in Streamwood, Illinois, on the new ACT 3 blog site at Transformissional Church. I hope you will keep going to this site and that you will also view the amazing video that I have put up today. This is what my passion is all about and even why I engage wider issues on this particular site. My life is all about the Church of Christ and the kingdom of God. Everything else matters very little to me at the end of the day. And this commitment begins with my wife, children and grandchildren and then works its way out into the world in ever widening circles of influence and service.

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