13297083-mmmainToday the college football season takes a decided turn to some truly interesting games that take on a sense of urgency for those of us who truly love this game. LSU plays at Georgia, a truly nice matchup that could determine a lot in the SEC going forward. And Notre Dame hosts undefeated Oklahoma. Are the Sooners for real? I think so but we will know much better by late Saturday evening.

Then there is this SEC game in Tuscaloosa that I care about a great deal – Alabama hosts undefeated Ole Miss. I love what the Rebels have done under Hugh Freeze. I love the gritty confidence of this highly talented young team. I love that Alabama will be tested, or at least should be. I still believe the Crimson Tide wins but I am worried, just a bit. Which team shows up at 5:30 CDT on ESPN? Good Tide or mediocre Tide?

I love that each year a college team takes on a “new” identity. Players come and go and freshman then begin to play. At this point in the season they start to contribute. New names jump up from nowhere to take center stage, just as Johnny Manziel did about this time last year. Will the Tide become a great team that wins it all once again (a feat unprecedented) or will they lose a few games and just fall back in the pack? I am not sure to be honest but I can assure you of this – I will be watching the game and enjoying it, unless of course my team loses. Then I go into a short mourning period called “football grief.” It is not serious, but it bums me out for a few hours. Then I go to bed and find hope for something more important the next day. I guess you would have to agree, “I have a fever and it is spelled: C-R-I-M-S-O-N  T-I-D-E.”

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