James 1:22 says, “Be DOERS of the word, and not HEARERS only, deceiving yourselves.” I am a great “hearer” of the word. I’ve gone to church and heard the word preached literally all my life. And, hellooooooo—–I live with John! I HEAR the word a lot! And yet, when it comes to my speech, it’s really hard to follow the “DO-ing” part. I’ve always blamed my behavior on genetics—that I take after my dad. He was always quick to share his thoughts and many times his words hurt. My Granny Vejsada had a saying, “Think ten times and then speak once!” Oh, please, then I’d never get to speak at all!

Recently, at my granddaughter’s soccer game, I was sitting in my folding chair on the sidelines. The players ran in front of me and I heard a girl from the opposing team sneer rudely to my Gracie, “Watch your arms!” Without a moments thought I turned to my younger granddaughter and said, “That girl is lucky she said that to Gracie and not to ME!” How dare she say something so mean to my sweet granddaughter? After the game Gracie asked me, “Did you hear that girl tell me to watch my arms? I just ignored her.”

She’s 12! And I’m—well, I’m considerably older—and I should DO better! I think it’s time that I quit blaming my dad and take responsibility for my own speech!

Author: Anita Armstrong, the wife of John for 39 years, is a homemaker, mother, grandmother and a friend to many who love her warm heart, gracious smile and sense of humor.

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