4156ZfC7HwL._AA160_As a result of my wide opportunities for travel, and through partnering with many different ministries, I am afforded the unique opportunity of meeting and making many new friends in a variety of contexts. On such friend is Dr. Robert Yost, author of the extremely useful book, Leadership Secrets from the Proverbs: An Examination of Leadership Principles from the Book of Proverbs (Wipf & Stock, 2013).

Bob Yost gives the reader a scholarly study of the book of Proverbs that gives proper attention to the important questions about the text and the canonical nature of the literature. At the same time he keeps the reader carefully attuned to the essential leadership principles of the book and puts it clearest principles into the hands of practitioners who are in need of this kind of biblical material. Look, there are a lot of great books on leadership and there are a ton of popular books that are not so great but sell a lot of copies and get a lot of attention. But very few of these popular books looks at the heart of the Christian leader by using the ancient wisdom of Proverbs as the foundation for godly life and leadership. This is what makes this book different. Yost offers a number of insightful practical observations while at the same time he stays fixed on his goal – giving you a serious overview of the Proverbs as they reveal the heart and life of a true, humble, wise leader.

My library is now considerably reduced in size, after I sold over 80% of my vast collection the last few years, but I always collected and read a lot of books on leadership for well over forty years. Now I have very little left on this shelf called leadership, maybe less than ten truly valued books. Except from a handful of older books I have kept this is the only modern book I have read which addresses the core characteristics of true spiritual leadership – character, family, and speech. It seems so obvious to me, but apparently not so obvious to others, that if we fail here then Christian leadership may be nothing more than influence of some kind. It is not godly, Christ-centered leadership.

This book is not a speed read text nor an easy-to-read popular book. It is a serious, biblically-informed survey of the most vital and important principles on leadership that you need to know in the Proverbs. I highly recommend it to you, especially if you are a pastor, lay leader or student of Christian leadership. This is a book that should be used by college and seminary professors who teach the future leaders of the church.


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