Today’s post includes the only public Lausanne Catholic-Evangelical Conversation meeting that we had in September. Twenty-six people, thirteen Catholics and thirteen Evangelicals, prayed, shared, discussed and debated (in the very best sense of a charitable debate). We learned from one another and some of the brightest moments were late at night in informal times. We agree we will meet again and we will add a day so we can continue to pursue love and build trust. We believe the kairos moment for our concerns is right now.

After an opening private dialogue on Thursday, September 11, we shared a meal together. Then we invited seminarians and local friends to come to the campus for a presentation. The dialogue that follows our presentation includes responses from people who, as you will quickly see, were not screened. Some questions were asked and some “sermons” were preached. The questions are quite good. The sermons, well you can respond as you watch these folks speak.

The two major presenters in the event were Fr. Robert Barron and Rev. Dr. Norberto Saracco. Fr. Thomas Baima and I introduced the speakers, responded to their address and led the dialogue. This video runs 106 minutes so it is very long. You might want to mark this post and come back to it when you have an evening to watch it. I believe it is well worth seeing in full.

Tomorrow I will post an interview ACT3 Network did with Dr. Sarraco. I believe you will find this short interview amazing so watch for it on Tuesday, December 9.


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