During the days of September 11-13, 2014, the second Lausanne Catholic-Evangelical Conversation took place at Mundelein Seminary in suburban Chicago. Twenty-six leaders, thirteen Catholics and thirteen evangelical Protestants, met to consider again what the Spirit is saying to us about a new “springtime” of unity in Christ’s mission. The rest of the conversation was private. A report of this private dialogue will be posted here soon.

The only public meeting that we held included two papers and two responses. This evening meeting began our formal conversation on September 11. Four of us participated in this public, formal conversation. ACT3 Network secured a videographer to make a high-quality film of the entire evening. This includes the dialogue and some questions from the audience. Remember, the audience response does not reflect the actual private dialogue that the twenty-six of us shared throughout three wonderful days.

We rarely post anything of this length on our ACT3 Network web page or here on my personal blog site. We do so today because this material is extremely useful to the work of missional-ecumenism, the work that I have given my life to as a minister of the Word of God.

Again, this is long. You will need nearly two hours to see it all. I hope some of you will watch it all,  and interact with it, when you have time. You will find the video below and on the ACT3 Network site.

This reminds me to invite you to help us do the work of ACT3. We depend on donor support to make films like this one possible. This was a rare event and one that we believe will be useful to many viewers for a long time. To this end we invite your support for this project and similar future efforts. You can give at the ACT3 Network donor page.

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