Major League baseball conducts a huge popularity fan poll to pick the starters for the All-Star game in two weeks. I think it is a joke. The manages, coaches and player should pick the "real" All-Stars. Now they have used the Internet to get fans to vote. The polling ends at 11:59 p.m. tonight. The rules that govern this process are really silly but I took part anyway. You can vote 25 times on a given day. I voted 25 times last week and then again 25 times tonight. What difference does it make? None, I am sure. But it did make me feel better to vote for no Cubs at all! They will get enough ballots from their over zealous fans anyway. For a time several Cubs were leading the voting who had no business at all being first at their given position. The only Cubs every day player who is a real All-Star is Derrick Lee. You cannot pick Aramis Ramirez at third base over Chipper Jones, not if you analyze the players. And Brian McCann is clearly the better catcher over Soto. Ask the managers and players. And Soriano can’t catch the ball so how can he be your left fielder? Come on fans, take the chance to stop these Cubs from getting too many votes before it is too late. Do your part tonight. 

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  1. Steve Scott July 3, 2008 at 3:02 am

    I actually decided an All-Star selection. A friend of mine and I, being Dodger haters, voted Steve Sax out at 2nd base in 1982, casting more votes for Ryne Sandberg (this was before the Cubs became yuppie icons) than his margin of victory over Sax. Sandberg clearly deserved it and Sax was up there only because the Dodgers were drawing well.
    With respect to voting, I used to hold a similar view, but then I saw that the fans only get to pick the starting position players and not any pitchers or reserves. The manager is under no obligation to play any of the starters any more than a few innings. Yes, fans blow it sometimes, like DH Reggie Jackson starting in right field in 1984, making a critical error in their loss, but it’s an all-“star” game and not an all-“talent” game or all-“performance” game. I’ve conceded it as a necessary evil.

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