Readers of this blog know that I have held a life-long appreciation for John R. Stott. Now 86 years of age the famous minister just gave his final public address. He spoke at the well-known Keswick Convention in Britain on July 17 and you can read the sermon at Langham Partnership. If you want to hear it you can download it for a small fee.

The report describes the famous man walking to the podium with his wooden cane and appearing, as always, to be the senior statesman that he has been for decades. His last book, The Living Church, will soon appear in print. Interestingly this will be his fiftieth book. Though Stott does not seem to be on death’s door he is significantly slowed and thus has decided that the transition of his work has now been completed. Even in fully retiring he shows us once again the grace that has always marked this man.

Stott’s last public message stressed incarnational evangelism, a biblical truth that he had lived and taught for a lifetime. The sermon is really all about Christlikeness and how being like Jesus makes a real difference in one’s life and in this modern world. John R. Stott has given us a living model of Christlikeness. I am one of those many Christian ministers who will never be the same because he did.

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  1. Dave Dryer August 1, 2007 at 3:24 pm

    I too have come to love John Stott, primarily through his books, particularly his commentaries. I’ve used his commentaries on Romans and Acts for years in my discipleship of men.
    I also enjoyed Dudley-Smith’s biography of Stott (The Early Years). He is among the giants of our day.

  2. John H. Armstrong August 1, 2007 at 10:18 pm

    Yes, his Romans commentary is truly superb. He actually handles the New Perspective controversy,in short form, as well as any evangelical writer I know. He says, in essence, that the basic view of the subject does not need to be positioned against the Protestant reading on justification as “declared righteouness.” Check this out in the early introductory portion of his Romans. It is sane, wise and very helpful—just like Stott always is.

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