Indiana Jones Again

John ArmstrongFilm

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Director: Steven Spielberg
124 minutes

The previous Indiana Jones movies provided great fun and pure entertainment, if nothing else. Some people try to get all kinds of philosophical insights from such movies. I would much prefer to simply enjoy them and relax. When we last saw Dr. Jones it was 1938 and the world was on the brink of war with the Nazis. Indy chased down the evil doers in pursuit of the Holy Grail.

The new movie certainly fits the category of action/adventure. It is filled with improbable conflicts and near-death experiences. Jones (Harrison Ford) always finds a way to escape in the most amazing ways. Even many years older he remains the amazing professor. This time his nemesis is no longer Nazis but Communists. His arch enemy is a woman (Cate Blanchett). And Indiana finds a son he never knew he had and gets married at the end of the movie, adding a bit of the love story angle to the new movie.

This Indiana Jones is not up to level of the previous films but the music, and who can not associate the theme music with these Indiana Jones movies, as well as the action scenes are all exciting. Most reviewers like the new film and I share that opinion. I enjoyed it as an afternoon lark. Fans will surely want to see their Indy once again, this time trying to stop the Communists from getting their hands on the potential to wreak havoc in the world of the 1950s. There are a load of funny lines in the Indiana Jones but one of the best in this one is the time when the Communists are about to kill Indy and ask him for words. He uttered, "I Like Ike," the famous political slogan of the time. I suppose you would have to see it but these lines made me laugh out loud, though I noticed at times most of the movie goers did not share my sense of humor but then I don’t really care.