In our ACT 3 Year-End Report we announced a series of forums for the first Thursday each month. The next meeting was set for this Thursday evening, February 3. Please note that the Forum Series has been discontinued for the remainder of this year.

In place of these forums we are embarking upon what we believe to be a more effective strategy for reaching a wider community of church leaders. We plan to:

  1. Utilize video conferencing and webinars in 2011. This allows John to teach effectively at less cost. Also, friends will not have to travel long distances. Watch our web site and this blog for information.
  1. We will more intentionally partner with personal and ministry friends to come to you to teach and serve with you. We want to maximize our partnerships for mission purpose.

If you would like to host an ACT 3 meeting/event then please contact us via our Web site. If you would like to be invited to share in a video conference or webinar please let us know this as well. We believe this method better uses our time and limited financial resources. It also allows us to serve you rather than to take your valuable time to come to a specific meeting in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

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