The sign a fan held up at Fenway Park last night said it best: "I Love Baseball." And why not? Boston was down 7-0 in a deciding game in the ALCS in the bottom of the seventh inning and they won the game 8-7. What an amazing accomplishment. It was the ex-Braves factor at work: Mark Kotsay and J. D. Drew came through, among several others. Like them or not Boston has a way of hanging in there. I still doubt they can win two in Tampa this weekend but I wouldn't say never given how these Sox have come from behind before. In October you really have to love this game if you understand it at all.

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  1. Steve Scott October 17, 2008 at 2:01 am

    October is so much different from the regular season. I wanted the Rays to win, but being an expansion team only ten years into it, I can only say, “Welcome to the majors, kids. You can’t cake walk this thing until you’ve taken your lumps.” No matter the outcome, I’ll be pulling for the Phils to win. I can’t stand the Sox, and I can’t stand to see another team leapfrog over the Giants in winning a Series.

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