Don't Be Fooled About Health Care and Abortion

John ArmstrongAbortion


I have listened to a great deal of the debate about National
Health Care over the last few months. I may write more about this
debate in the coming weeks. I have previously expressed my concern that
independent studies have revealed that we cannot afford this legislation. If
we are serious about health care reform we can make several much needed
changes in the system without accumulating massive new debt and adopting
budget breaking expenditures. This being said I have tried to remain
open to arguments from both sides on this debate. I am convinced that
advocates and opponents have both misrepresented the facts, at least in
some instances. And I am growing very weary of the way this debate has
been conducted.

I know for certain is that every piece of health care legislation that
has been put forward, at least to this point, is extremely favorable to
abortion and provides taxpayer support for abortions that presently are
not supported by federal dollars. The bills set forward by the
Democrats and President Obama are consistent on this point. These
advocates are not telling us the truth about the abortion issue in this
am amazed at how many friends of mine who assure me that they are
strongly pro-life also assure me that Obama's health care plan
has nothing at all to do with abortion. I do not like the way the right
has hurled terrible epithets at the President but in this instance he
is not telling us the whole truth about abortion. He has to know it.
What he is doing is being very consistent with his stance on abortion followed over
the course of his entire career in politics. This president is no
friend to the cause of saving the lives of the unborn.
To argue that he is seems to distort his words and their meaning beyond the breaking point.

A Senate committee voted yesterday, along strict party lines, to not restrict abortions under the Baucus health care proposal. Baucus himself says that his proposal does not support abortion. Senator Baucus is either naive, not telling the truth or not very smart. The vote yesterday, in Senate committee, proves my point. See for yourself.
So long as the Democrats promote government funded abortions I simply
cannot, in Christian conscience, support the Democrats. This does not
mean that I am a Republican, since I have major problems with the
leadership of this party as well. It does mean that based on conscience
the issue of the life of the unborn, the weakest among us, is such a
bedrock moral issue that I will oppose any effort to increase the
likelihood of more abortions, especially when my taxes are helping pay
for them. I cannot stand before God in the final day and tell Christ
that my faith was so private and personal that I would not speak up for
the unborn who were being slaughtered on a daily basis in this nation
that is supposedly rooted in natural law.