I Am the Bread of Life

John ArmstrongJesus, Sacraments, The Church

One of the most transforming passages in the whole of Scripture is John 6. I have lived here for several years. There is no way for me to adequately explain how this text has worked its way into my soul but it has and there is no mistake about the spiritual reality. 

I no longer "debate" the various ways that Christians explain the Lord's Supper. I find the entire debate unprofitable. If you ask me, "Is this Christ body and blood?" then my answer is uncategorically affirmative. If you ask me to "define" what this means and how this happens then I have no earthly idea. I also believe that you can make no sense whatsoever out of John 6 by denying that these words and Christ's intention here are related to the Eucharistic life that we share with Christ in the Bread and the Wine. 

If you want to debate this then I have no interest. If you want to share in this mystery by faith then you are quite likely to understand what I am saying and why I say it in this way. Since I have made the Eucharist a weekly (or more often) celebration in my life I have been transformed into the image of Christ in ways that are fresh and living. I am saddened that we fight over this simple meal Jesus gave to unite us in Him. I am delighted that God, in his great mercy, opened my heart to "see" the joy of this food and drink, his body and blood for the life of the world.  

One of my favorite songs, frequently sung in communion, is "I Am the Bread of Life." I include it here. If you've never heard it, enjoy. If you have you, like me, cannot hear it again without being deeply moved by the very words of Jesus himself.