Hunt for Justice is a cross between a documentary and a drama, what I suppose we have come to call a docudrama. It is the story of Canadian Judge Lois Arbour who was named Chief Prosecutor of the International War Crimes Tribunal which was charged with investigating the atrocities of “ethnic cleansing” in the Balkans. Arthur investigated the rape camps, witnessed the aftermath of the atrocities first-hand and then saw what the displacement of two million people did to families and communities in the region. She was, thankfully, a very determined lady who would not let politicians or generals hinder her from pursuing the truth. With the help of a great legal team, and a translator who was a victim of the crimes, she challenged bureaucracy, sought secret indictments and worked around NATO’s opposition to her efforts for justice. The result of her three-year struggle was the conviction of the primary war criminals responsible for the carnage, including the former Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic.

This film is gripping, even chilling in its overall message.  I think anyone who cares about justice and genocide will be moved deeply by it. I couldn’t help but wonder again why the West doesn’t care about the genocide in Darfur and similar places. I think Hunt for Justice demonstrates plainly why “the system” conveniently stops most efforts to bring people to justice. How Christians can not become active agents in the pursuit of such international justice is beyond me.

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