How Seriously Do You Believe "Christ Died for Me?"

John ArmstrongChrist/Christology

How seriously to you really believe that "Christ died for me?" For me. How has the consciousness of this revelation, which we should think about this day in particular, formed your life?

Is this thought always before you as the guiding principle of your life? If you are a Christian it should be. Of course we can all claim to believe something that does not truly inform and shape our lives. To lead your daily life with an awareness of this truth, however, is to live "under the shadow of the cross." It is the only truth which I know that gives my life meaning and lasting worth.

I spent some time last week discussing ultimate questions with an atheist. He felt that I was a Christian because of the faith my parents gave to me. After he realized that I did agreed with a number of his objections to many Christians on television and in the public arena he listened to my story a bit more closely. But the end result was that he said there were mysteries he simply could not answer. When I appealed to Christ crucified and buried, for our forgiveness, he questioned the historicity of this basis for my deep faith. He even assured me that he had read several of the most popular evangelical apologists, such as Lee Strobel. (He knew the arguments our thinkers make very well.) But he said, "Faith is foolishness. You put your trust in a miracle that you did not see and certainly cannot prove." I agreed with him that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth was foolishness to him but to me it is life eternal.

As I walked away, again asking hard questions about my own faith, I found that I was driven back to this rather basic point: "Christ died for me." This is life. This is my hope and my foundation. I prayed, "God make me more aware of this truth every single moment of every day!"