How Do You Respond to Disunity?

John ArmstrongMissional-Ecumenism, The Church, Unity of the Church

It amazes me that we can talk about the divisions within the Christian church without the evidence of a broken heart. If the last thing our Lord prayed for with his disciples before his passion was that all who believe in him would be “one” with each other then how can we not see the scandal of our present state in the church?

Yes, I know there are reasons for divisions. I know that sin has also played a big part, probably the decisive part. But I do not understand how we can be content with things as they are if we truly read our Lord’s prayer with a teachable heart. Forget, for at least a moment, all you know about the reasons for divisions. Forget the reasons for why things happened as they did in the eleventh and sixteenth centuries. Forget all you know that influences how you “hear” the Scripture and ask, “What did Jesus intend in these words and what do they mean to his followers now?”