I mentioned yesterday my recent trip to southern California and my lunch with Paul Cedar of Mission America Coalition. On this same trip I also had a great lunch with Bob Shank. I had heard of Bob but knew little about him until this trip.

img-port-Shank Bob is a native and lifetime resident of Southern California. He spent 14 years as a businessman/entrepreneur in the construction industry. At 31, he transitioned from business to ministry and founded Priority Living, a faith-based organization serving business men and women in the marketplace. In 1997, he launched The Master’s Program, a leadership mentoring program that has helped thousands of leaders across North America to expose and exploit their unique kingdom calling. While the CEO of Priority Living since 1984, Bob was also the Senior Pastor of an Orange County mega-church for four years in the early ‘90’s. He is a frequent speaker for churches, conferences, retreats and leadership training events across the country.

As you will discover online The Master's Program (TMP) is a leadership mentoring program that puts you on the path to maximize your calling. When you enroll you engage in a relationship with one of their leadership mentors and learn in a small group of Christian leaders once each quarter over a three year period. This is all accomplished from a Christ-centered perspective. The mission of TMP is to prepare Christian leaders to change their world and build God's Kingdom. If you are a business leader I encourage you to check out TMP. I know several graduates and I am genuinely impressed with what I’ve seen in their lives.

Bob encouraged me in the vision of ACT 3. He offered insights, including a great visual on the paper tablecloth at our table, and profound encouragement with a commitment to help me further in the months ahead. Bob is one of the finest visionary thinkers and leaders I have been privileged to meet. I am pleased he wanted to help me frame the vision of ACT 3. I will be telling you more about that vision in coming months. For now I ask that you pray for us as the Lord prepares ACT 3 to serve as we’ve never done before. These are exciting times to move forward in our vision of “equipping leaders for unity in Christ’s mission.”

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