It goes without saying that I take great joy in my son and his heart for mission. He is a rather amazing young man. He has begun a flourishing ministry to middle school kids in public schools that is now in its eleventh year. He planted a church because of the disciples he had made though his wider ministry and the need he saw to connect them to a living community of faith. He is deeply involved in social issues relating to immigration and has helped me to see this issue far more clearly than anyone else I know.

Matt is my firstborn (1973). He is also my friend and peer. I will always be his dad, and he will always be a son, but our relationship has matured into one of deep friendship and trust. I need him speaking into my life in order to hear what the Spirit is saying to me. We meet often to talk, listen and pray for one another over a meal.

shiba Recently Matt (second from right in the photo) returned from a trip to Uganda, his first to Africa. He has made many trips to Latin America and speaks fluent Spanish but Africa was not on his agenda as he tells in a recent post. He called me from Uganda and we spoke as if he was next door. How things have changed since he was a boy and I called him from India several times. I had to schedule a phone line, plan way in advance and hope that I got a clear connection. The Information Revolution has shrunk the world in so many wonderful ways, making it all the more possible for Christians to serve one another across the world.

Matt provided a moving account of his recent trip and what he sought to do in Uganda. I hope you will read it. I think it will give you a glimpse of how so very little can accomplish so much. On the last day you and I will stand before Christ. I think he will ask us “What did you do for the least of these?” I want to have an answer that is fitting with the authority and mission of the One I will stand before in that day. I hope you do too.

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