I do not normally promote a cause like this, in fact I cannot ever remember doing so on my blog spot, but today I make an exception. Two long time good friends of mine in California, Scott and Kim Reno, have a special relationship with a brother who has been nominated for an award to soon be given by CNN. The man’s name is Harmon Parker. Harmon has been nominated as one of CNN’s top ten Heroes for 2010. Scott wrote the following to me this week telling me about his friend. I share it with you in order to urge you to vote for this deserving brother in Christ.

I’ve known Harmon since 1983 and have been supporting his work in Africa since 1986. He is a man of high integrity with a heart to serve those who are in need of a unique gift he brings to those in the bush of Kenya – BUILDING BRIDGES – Bridges that save thousands of lives and bridges that connect human lives.
Harmon is the founder of Bridging The Gap and has been building foot bridges in Kenya for the better part of 20 years and his stellar efforts are truly worthy of this recognition.  CNN received over 10,000 nominations from over 100 countries which adds to the amazement of this honor.  Harmon will receive, along with the other top ten nominees, $25,000 for Bridging the Gap.  If he were to be named the Top CNN Hero of the Year, he would receive an additional $100,000 for his organization.  On Thanksgiving night, at the CNN Awards Gala in Los Angeles (which Kim & I will be attending), the Top CNN Hero of the Year will be selected and that person will be chosen by folks like you and me.  You can vote immediately and continue through November 18th.  It's very easy – you can vote online by going to:

I hope you will take the time to cast your votes for Harmon and read more about Bridging the Gap.  Another thing you may want to consider is becoming a regular supporter of Bridging the Gap. Passing this news on to your family, friends, and colleagues, encouraging them to vote, would be greatly appreciated.
You can vote as many times a day as you like (or have time to).
You can also check out Harmon’s ‘Bridging the Gap’ website at

Fidelitas Dei!
Scott & Kim Reno

I have already voted a few times and will vote some more. I hope you will do the same. This man is doing a great work for those who are in real need in Kenya and doing it as Christ’s ambassador. I trust Scott & Kim enough to tell you that I believe Harmon is worthy of your support.

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