One of the great joys of being a grandfather is to have the opportunity to enjoy your young children all over again, but without the problems of having to be a parent. Believe me grand-parenting is serious but it is a load of fun too. I sometimes think about my two granddaughters and wonder, "What will they think about me when I am gone?" Will I make enough good memories for them to think well of me. I hope they will recall that I was godly but I also hope they remember lots of fun times as well. Such was an experience last week when the girls and I went swimming. They dared me to take the "fast" water slide down to the pool. Never dare grandpa, he loves a dare.

It was a blast. The last time I did this my son, the girl’s dad, was about 12. That was 23 years ago I think. There is a difference in going down the water slide at age 36 and age 59! I found out but I still enjoyed it as the photos here will show. (That’s me with my arms up just before I hit the big splash!)

My youngest granddaughter said the other day, "I want to sit in a room and write like grandpa." Who knows but maybe another author will be in the Armstrong family line. I didn’t even know she noticed, except that I am often telling them to "hold the noise" down when I am writing.

My advice is simple. If you are a grandparent so make a memory and have some real fun. It can’t hurt you unless you hit the water too hard!

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  1. A. B. Caneday July 17, 2008 at 10:10 am

    Is there any pleasure this earth offers that is greater than grandparenting?

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