Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana is an evangelical Christian who also understands the role of politics and the church quite well. In an online Christianity Today piece put up today (September 2) the governor praised John McCain’s vice presidential pick Sarah Palin by saying:

"I had hoped to see a woman on the ticket of our party for a long, long time," he said. "I think now that it’s happened, the woman that we’ve waited for is ideal."

Christianity Today: We just found out that Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant. Will that have an impact on voters?

Governor Daniels: I don’t know. They’re handling a difficult and all too common dilemma that millions of American families face. It’s just another mark of authenticity of this family and the way they’re handling the young couple in question, I think, is the right way. I hope that people will personally give them a little room for privacy. But since it’s public, I think they’ve done the right thing.

Christianity Today: Do you have any thoughts on how the McCain campaign can reach out to evangelicals?

Governor Daniels: As a believer, I always felt that the God I know was larger than politics. The work of the religious leaders is more important, far more important, all important, than the work of temporary public employees like me. I’m always happy when people of faith decide that they want to be involved in public activity, but it should never distract us from what’s primary, from the mission of saving souls.

My comment: That is pretty refreshing stuff from a conservative Republican. I wish more people in the pews had this much sense. I am tired of the church being a voting bloc for either party. This is why I would rather Rick Warren would have never done the Saddleback Forum but it doesn’t detract from the excellence of what he did when he did it. 

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