225px-File-Bobby_Jindal_FEMA It is fairly well know by now that the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal (R.), is a Hindu convert to faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord. Jindal told Christianity Today this last week about his conversion, which he says extended over a seven-year period which included reading the Bible as well as works by modern writers like Charles Colson and C. S. Lewis. Jindal has sometimes been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate but he has not shown the kind of charisma many expect in a national candidate. He is widely praised for his initiatives in leading his state and yet remains a fiscal and social conservative with compassion and moral credibility. Whether you agree with the governor on his policy or not you will find him an impressive person if you get to know more about him as both a person and a leader. A devout convert to Jesus as Lord the governor is also a faithful, practicing Roman Catholic.

At the end of his interview with Christianity Today the governor was asked about his hope for America’s future. He responded in a way that is most atypical of political leaders. His hope for our society is clearly not in politics or leaders like himself.

I do think our society is hungry for revival. Many institutions we traditionally put our faith in have crumpled, and people realize that material things are not ultimately the source of our salvation. I can't promise you that just because you're a believer the hurricanes won't come, that there won't be an oil spill. As Christians, we're secure in the knowledge that in the Book of Life, our God wins. He gets off that cross. He beats Satan. We're not called to be despondent. We are called to be salt and light and to be planting the seeds of the gospel.

Amen Governor Jindal!

I may not always agree with you my brother. I may not even think that you are a viable presidential candidate, which time will tell anyway, but I promise that I will pray for you. And I hope more Christians will speak up as openly and as faithfully as Governor Jindal. The real hope for our nation and people is in the Son of God. We can protect the proper separation of church and state, we can refuse to make Christianity a state religion but we can also see righteous men and women in leadership with a vision that transcends the politics of self-promotion and ideology alone. 

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  1. laurie February 27, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    I love this story! You’ve cheered me up today.

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