Gone Baby Gone

John ArmstrongFilm

Some movies are thrillers. Some are violent and tough on the system. Some have plots with twists and turns that keep you guessing for almost the entire movie. Many have interesting characters and subplots. But few have all of these and then include some of the most perplexing ethical dilemmas imaginable. Gone Baby Gone is all of the above. Starring Ben Affleck this movie should win some awards if critics pay attention. It kept me riveted for two plus hours without missing a beat. It was a morality play, based on a popular novel, with a heart-tugging twist.

The film should not be seen by young people. It will shock you with the ugly portrayal of sin and the underworld of crime and drugs it provides, but this is all too real. But it will also force the viewer to take stock of "easy answers" Christians often give to tough issues. Few films pack the punch of Gone Baby Gone, at least few that I have seen this year. See it if this is the kind of movie you can handle. Caveat emptor.