Facebook and Twitter

John ArmstrongACT 3

Some of you are already using Facebook and Twitter as social networking sites. I resisted Twitter for a few months but recently have found it useful as a way of linking me to helpful information in a simple way. I do not much care for people telling me their every move, and meal, throughout the day. I do like hearing about what they are writing, reading and thinking about vitally important issues and subjects. It also allows me to pray for friends when they post a simple sentence seeking my support. Facebook is already a huge social networking resource that I came to appreciate about six months ago. All of my blogs and articles are also posted as links on Twitter and Facebook. If you like these technologies, and enjoy using them, be sure to link to me on one or both of them. If you Twitter be sure to link so I can also follow you as well.

Social networking sites allow ACT 3 to inform its friends about publications, content, research and news. They also allow me to personally share with a wider circle of our friends.