Evangelical and Catholic?

John ArmstrongRoman Catholicism

Beckwith The Center for Applied Christian Ethics (CACE) is one of my favorite teaching forums in America. It is connected to Wheaton College and led by Dr. Vincent E. Bacote, a member of the Bible and Theology faculty at Wheaton. Vince has spoken for ACT 3 several times and is deeply rooted in the theology of Abraham Kuyper. He is also a wonderfully gracious Christian man who understands how to conduct a civil and meaningful dialogue. This makes him a perfect choice to lead CACE at this time.

On Thursday, September 3, CACE will host a debate on the question: "Catholic and Evangelical?" The speakers are two of my favorite people to discuss this subject intelligently and irenically. Dr. Francis Beckwith, formerly an evangelical and now a Roman Catholic, will speak on: "Confessions of an Evangelical Catholic." Dr. Timothy George, a great Reformation scholar and dear friend, will speak on: "Confessions of a Catholic Evangelical." Then the debate will follow their presentations. Vincent Bacote informed me this week that the location and time are not yet determined. I will say more when the details are known. For now, I suggest that those who live in the Chicago area mark this date and join me for the CACE debate with these two superb Christian scholars.