Many of you have seen the video that was made about thirteen months ago on the vision of ACT 3. This thirty-minute video was made by two great friends before the book, Your Church Is Too Small, was released. We made the film to help make our vision as clear as possible to a wider circle of people. Several of the interviews that appear on this longer video, which is available on the ACT 3 site, make great clips to help you, our friends, understand our mission and vision.

This very brief interview with Dr. Rick Richardson, author and director of the M.A. program in evangelism and leadership at Wheaton College Graduate School, is one that captures my heart and passion beautifully. I share it today with the desire that you will watch this sixty-second clip and through watching better understand what makes me get up in the morning and why I give myself to missional-ecumenism as my life’s mission.

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