My friend Jeff Gokee, executive director at partner ministry PhoenixONE, shared this You Tube song with me yesterday. It is written and performed by Christian musician Ben Rector. I had never even heard of the guy until I listened to this song. The plaintive and prayerful plea is to “not let the suburbs kill my soul.” I have done a lot of reading and viewing lately about how suburbia broke down community, broke up America’s cultural oneness and then drove us to independence in radical ways that harm our collective soul. This music strikes me as a haunting challenge to life as I’ve known it my entire adult life. I now pray, “Lord, do not let the suburbs kill my soul.” Tell me what you think when you hear it.

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  1. NewDivinity December 16, 2012 at 11:46 am

    I listened to the song “Don’t Let the Suburbs Kill My Soul.” (I had to search for it). I have many thoughts but don’t know how to but them into words. I will say that for 20 years I was the pastor of a church in the suburbs. When I return to visit good friends it has the feel of entering a world I no longer understand. Three years away and I have already lost the language of the suburbs, and all that language means. And it feels like a draw bridge is let down for me going in and coming out. If you can relate to that analogy you understand where I am coming from. If not I don’t have the words… And I appreciate learning about Ben Rector.

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