Did anyone see the interviews this week with former aides to Senator Hillary Clinton during the RNC? Several of these former Clinton aides have openly criticized the “sexist” attacks on the Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. These attacks have led many to question her devotion to her family. Check out politico.com for more.

Howard Wolfson, a former top Clinton adviser, said: “There’s no way those questions would be asked of a male candidate.” And Paul Singer, who worked with Wolfson on the Clinton presidential campaign, said: “There’s no question that the issues a woman has to deal with are different. The real indictment that needs to be prosecuted is about her views, not her personal life.” He believes Hillary was victimized by sexist news coverage as well. Singer cited articles “on Clinton’s cleavage,” and whether she had the personality of a “bitch.” Palin has already heard various statements about her appearance as well. The even more tourbling stuff is the scandalous rumors about her family and the suggestion that she is being a bad mother. Is anyone as sick of the media and these blogs as I am?

What troubles me, as I noted earlier this week on this site, is that some self-righteous Christians are a part of this same attack, suggesting that they really know what only God can know, namely that Sarah Palin is a very bad mother. (See some comments found in one link on this own blog spot on Sarah Palin posted from earlier this week.) Mothers, all of them, need our support and encouragement, not this kind of undermining. If a mom can have a career, and there is no good biblical reason why she cannot, then please tell your friends who judge women on this kind of issue to “get a life.”

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  1. jason smith September 8, 2008 at 7:30 am

    I know I would never want to go into politics!

  2. Helen September 8, 2008 at 7:35 am

    Yes it’s sexist to ask questions about mothers that would never be asked about fathers.
    But I don’t think the answer is not to ask them. I think it’s to ask them about mothers and fathers.
    By running for the party which claims to care about family values Sarah lays herself open to having people wonder about her own priorities. It’s not just that she has a career. She has chosen a very demanding career path and has five children. It’s hard for me to imagine how she can have much time for them.
    It wouldn’t be my business if she was the woman next door but since she’s the woman running for Vice President, who might be President one day if her ticket gets elected, and it’s up to me to vote responsibly, it is my business.
    Having a teenage daughter get pregnant doesn’t prove she’s a bad mother. Her daughter made her own choices.
    Christians generally emphasize the importance of the role of parent. I feel like with Sarah, she gets a pass on this issue that other parents don’t get because they want her ticket to get elected.
    I’m not asserting she’s a bad mother. Only that I have concerns based on what I know. I quoted someone more outspoken than me on my blog who did make that assertion and maybe that was an error of judgment.

  3. jls September 8, 2008 at 10:32 am

    I have come to believe that, in most cases, it’s counterproductive and very wrong to second guess the choices that others make regarding the way they parent their children. Christians and non-Christians alike do this all the time. These busybodies should not be so quick to pass judgment. We cannot claim to know the true nature of someone else’s family life. Dogmatism in this area is a bad idea.

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