After winning in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday night Senator Clinton said, in her most poignant statement of all, that she had "found herself." Pundits continue to speculate on what this means. Peggy Noonan asks in the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal, "One must ask of Mrs. Clinton what one would never ask of Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt: Will the new voice have a new accent?"

If the new voice of Hillary Clinton is a softer one then how do you explain Hillaryis44, a Web site that seems to be, as Noonan put it "a back door to her war room?" Hillary_vader2The site says that federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will soon "destroy" Barack Obama in a "scandal" involving an "indicted slumlord" who is Mr. Obama’s "friend."  This story is not new. The Chicago Tribune vetted it extensively months ago and did a complete investigation finding nothing that implicated Obama at all. I followed this with close interest at the time.

If this is Clinton’s new voice, then it really is the same old one, the one we already know well. This "news" item was posted on Thursday at the aforementioned site, two days after Mrs. Clinton announced her new approach. Does this portend of the way she will now try to beat Obama in the coming weeks? If I had a bet in this I would place it on one answer and it has to be yes.

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