The main stream media (MSM) is all abuzz today about the supposed lie that Governor Palin told in her acceptance speech on Wednesday evening. I thought to myself, as I read all of these accusations, "I do not recall her saying she sold the jet on e-Bay" but rather that she listed it there and sold it. But one commentator after another is writing about her lie. So I decided to go back and read her speech and find the offensive line that is being debated so heatedly.

Here is what she actually said:

"That luxury jet was over the top. I put it on eBay."

Read her words slowly. She doesn’t say she sold it on eBay but that she "put it on eBay." The truth is that is exactly what she did. It did not sell on eBay so it was sold later and thus she said nothing untruthful or misleading at all. If this is how we hear speakers I fear we can never recover anything like civility in the election.

Why do I sense a desperate attempt here to try to show that Sarah Palin is a liar so that she can be discredited in this silly kind of plea?

This is why I do not trust the Internet "rumors" and the news media analysis in general. Someone ought to go back and listen to what she said and read the text itself. In the day of instant Internet accessibility it is not that hard to do.

I was also sent a You Tube link to a short message Governor Palin gave to a Christian school that meets at First Assembly of God in Wasilla. I can see how the media will truly pounce on this when it gets circulated. I watched it very carefully. The pastor said some things about the "last days" that I found rather typically off base and Governor Palin offered no response. (She isn’t a theologian, of course.) Does this prove she is dangerous because of "last days" theology of this pastor who is not even her pastor now? (I can see a tit-for-tat going here. Obama had a pastor say some crazy things for sure so now we will try to dig out something a pastor related to Sarah Palin also said. It made me wonder what I might have said over the years that could be clipped and used against me.) There is no hard evidence I have seen that Palin is a "last days" zealot in her personal views but I would expect this will make the rounds as well since the MSM has next to no ability to discern Pentecostalism in any serious sense at all. I expect this clip will freak out a lot of non-Christians who see it.

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  1. jp September 8, 2008 at 9:45 am

    She has been wearing an Israeli flag lapel pin, which is fine with me. You don’t have to beleive in “Last Days” theology to support Israel and not draw a “Moral Equivalent” between them and the Vipers that want nothing less than the destruction of Israel. It’s also very important for the security of our nation, if these Jihadist fruitcakes(who really do beleive in their own “Last Days” theology) actually Nuke Israel the vast majority of the Muslim world would rally to them and they would be a modern day Saladin.

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