Christian History Magazine: A Periodical Worth Your Time

John ArmstrongHistory

I do not sell or promote the sale of items as an end in itself. I do encourage readers to take advantage of resources that I sincerely believe are useful to Christians in general and leaders in particular. This I see as consistent with the mission of ACT 3: “Equipping leaders for unity in Christ’s mission.”

zinzendorf One of my favorite periodicals over the years was Christian History Magazine. Begun by the late Ken Curtis, about whom I wrote a personal tribute a few weeks ago, CHM was later a part of the Christianity Today family of publications. A few years ago issue #99 became the last issue CT published of CHM. (By the way, a wonderful CD of the first 99 issues is available and worth your purchase and use as well.) You can also find excerpts and a list of back issues at the CHI site. Now, the Christian History Institute in Pennsylvania, under the leadership of Ken’s son Bill Curtis, is re-launching the magazine with issue #100 (March, 2011). I am excited by this project. I had the privilege of speaking directly with Bill about it in December when I was in his office for a visit.

If you respond immediately you will receive a free copy of the first issue of he “new” Christian History Magazine. Note that this offer requires your attention in the next few days as it expires on February 14. Chris Armstrong, no direct relationship to my knowledge, is the editor. He is a first-rate historian and writer and will do, I am quite sure, a great job with the new/old magazine. There are two things I wish for the church in general when it comes to knowledge in these times. First, I want to see a deeper knowledge of the English Bible. For all the versions and editions we have too few of us know our Bible. Second, I want to see a recovery of Christian history. The more we know about out past the more we are humbled and encouraged in the face of our present challenges. I cannot commend this new magazine too highly. I expect to have more to say about it in the months ahead and will happily invest some of my time in this new venture. It is worthy of your support and needs to succeed for the good of the cause of Christ in America and beyond.