The past two Monday blogs (May 20 and 27) have included information about our April 18 public meeting, “Christ Our Center.” This event was held at the University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein Seminary. This event was a small part of the first ever Lausanne Catholic-Evangelical Conversation, a private dialogue between twenty-five leaders. ACT3 Network worked with our partner, the Lausanne Committee, to jointly host and sponsor this event. This video gives you the opportunity to now join with us in hearing and following what transpired that historic Thursday night.

Today I post the third, and final, video of that special evening. This is a dialogue with all four of us participating: Fr. Edward T. Oakes, Dr. Hans Boersma, Fr. Robert Barron and me. It also includes responses, comments and a discussion of some of the topics and questions of that evening. The audience also asked questions. Some of these questions were asked by participants from the private conversation and some by guests who were only present for this evening meeting.

Again, I hope the work that we put into making this video available proves to be a great resource for many of you who will now be able to watch and listen. Please do submit comments and responses.

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