Don’t forget the new site on the missional Church. Today’s post deals with the "emergent church" discussion. I reflected on this when I was asked a question about this movement in a seminary class in Florida on Tuesday. This site,, is entirely devoted to the purpose and vision of ACT 3:

ACT 3 is a ministry to advance the missional mandate of the Lord Jesus Christ in the third millennium through the witness of Scripture and the wisdom of the Christian Tradition.

I hope you will visit the new site and even consider bookmarking it. I post on the new site a little less frequently but the purpose is more narrow and specific to the mission ACT 3 advances.

If you have not visited the main site of ACT 3 (  there are a number of new features there as well. We now have not only a weekly podcast and article, called the ACT 3 Weekly, but an audio of a sermon or lecture that is sent each week if you sign up for the iTunes subscription on the site. Back files are also archived there. Things like the class I just taught in Orlando will be included so sign up, or just click and listen.

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