I wrote a blog on the Chinese pastor Brother Yun sometime last year. As a result of that blog, and the kindness of God, I will now host Brother Yun in his Chicago area appearances related to his book tour that Zondervan is conducting for his new book Living Water. You can get information about this at our Web site.

I will also be speaking in chapel at Wheaton College next Wednesday, September 17, at 10:35 a.m. CDT. This chapel program is associated with the World Christian Fellowship at Wheaton. I am speaking on the global church in preparation for Brother Yun’s visit to campus on Sunday evening, September 21. Brother Yun will also speak for ACT 3 in a special Saturday morning event at Northern Seminary in Lombard at 9:30 a.m. and at Village Bible Church in Sugar Grove, Illinois in their morning service on September 21. Again, you can find all this information on our Web site. Zondervan also has a site for this tour on their site which I found via a Google search for Brother Yun Book Tour.

My message next Wednesday in chapel at Wheaton will be available live on local radio: WETN, 88.1 FM. It will be aired the same evening on the Internet at the site. Please pray for me as I speak to over 2,000 students and pray for Brother Yun that we might attract hundreds of students, faculty and people from the Chicago area to hear him speak. I believe his message is so needed that I frankly have never seen so much spiritual warfare against a man speaking as I have with this event.

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